And So it Begins

Mr. Conley,

The Hunger Strike for Justice will restart Wednesday, April 3, 2013. As you know, the hunger strike last year was suspended on the 26th day when Holy Cross offered to engage in settlement talks. Yet over the past 11.75 months there has been virtually no movement to resolve anything in settlement talks.

I am returning to the Hunger Strike for Justice due to a need to communicate differently. It will continue until I see justice, accountability and penance. I was especially concerned that the college seems to want to address hate incidents by students but still has done nothing to address confidentiality breaches, retaliation, cover ups and conspiracies by the administration. This must change.

I am writing again to emphasize this point: I will refuse all medical and/or emergency care of any type. Please make sure this is known to Public Safety at Holy Cross.

An alum

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One Response to And So it Begins

  1. Last year I visited my health care people during the Hunger Strike for Justice. I might do that this time too.

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