The Eve of the New Hunger Strike for Justice

Tomorrow I am restarting the Hunger Strike for Justice that was suspended on the 26th day in April 2012 after the College of the Holy Cross offered settlement talks, which is supposedly an effort to resolve things. However, nothing has come of the settlement talks after 11.75 months. Last summer Holy Cross hired a new lawyer, who six days after taking the job filed a complaint against a professional license I earned after I graduated from Holy Cross. That complaint was closed after a finding that there was no basis for it. The whole process suggested to me that the college had no interest in resolving this and just wanted to stop the hunger strike. Fr. Boroughs seemed to be more interested in retaliating than in resolving this.

Holy Cross will not fool me again.

I know the Holy Cross administration can solve problems when it wants to, and I know I did not propose that the college do anything that is impossible for the college to do. I will have a copy of my proposal nearby, as part of settlement talks, along with notes about where I have flexibility, so I can engage in resolving this when the college wants to. I just want to see justice, accountability, and penance.

The Hunger Strike for Justice is necessary because all other ways of communicating were futile. The sole purpose is communication. I expect it to last awhile.

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