First Day of the Hunger Strike for Justice

The Hunger Strike for Justice restarted today, after almost a year of being suspended when Holy Cross offered “settlement talks”. I never should have stopped. I should have told Holy Cross that we can do the settlement talks right here, right now. Why? The only thing on this particular road that Holy Cross shines at is delaying. They only want to delay. There won’t be anymore delays. Want to talk to me? Do it while I am on the Hunger Strike for Justice.

The first day of the hunger strike was like a lot of days at Holy Cross in early spring: very windy and cold. I don’t mind it. I noticed awhile ago that people’s actions depend a lot on the weather. On sunny days, people want to know more, stop to talk, and cheer me on. The handful of students that spew hate speech are more active on sunny days too. But the cold, windy days are okay too. People wave and honk and stop to look at signs.

I saw people noticing the change in signs. The big sign we’ve had throughout the Vigil says “Holy Cross Betrayed Trust”. The flip side says “Hunger Strike for Justice” — I made the sign last year for the hunger strike. For the Vigil, I used the back side and wrote about HC betraying trust. Well, for the new hunger strike, just turned the sign back to the original side. Hunger Strike for Justice.

It’s going to be okay.

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