End of Week 8; 512 Weeks to Go

Today is the last day of Week 8 in the Vigil for Justice.   Eight weeks out of a planned decade for the Vigil for Justice at Holy Cross.

I restarted the Hunger Strike for Justice on Wednesday, April 3, because the college cannot get its act together about unethical and unlawful actions by the administration, but the college spends time on hate speech and harassment by students.   These are different parts of the college but the point man is the same, William Conley.   He acted on the things students do, but did nothing about problems in the administration for YEARS, not just days.

I met with Public Safety yesterday.  I’ll see how it goes.     I wonder about some of this.  How to do the Vigil for Justice, the hunger strike, talk to people, deal with the wind, wave at cars passing by, and then catch the license plate a second after you compute someone just harassed you.   Life goes on….

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