Fifth Day of the Hunger Strike

Today is the fifth day of the hunger strike for justice.

The first days are the most difficult for me.   Days 3 and 4 and 5.  It got easier last year and I hope it gets easier this year.    The major differences between last year’s hunger strike and this year’s are 2 things.  Last year, I was so overloaded with adrenalin, and this year there is no adrenalin.  Last year, I was happy when Holy Cross offered “settlement talks”, so I packed my bags and went home, but nothing ever came from “settlement talks”.   THIS year, Holy Cross will never fool me with any delaying or deceptive tactic.   It’s an unusual thing, being experienced with a hunger strike.   But it’s really like a lot of other things in life.   You learn along the way and adapt.

So, it is Day 5, and I really hope it gets easier.   And I do not see any other outcome right now other than Holy Cross choosing to make another way of communicating not be as futile as it’s been for years.   This place, here and right now, came from delay after delay after delay after delay by Holy Cross– years of delay — and unlawful and unethical acts by the college along the way.

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