Sixth Day of the Hunger Strike

It’s the ninth week at Holy Cross, and the sixth day on the restarted hunger strike for justice.  It’s not easy, but it seems doable.   For the rest of the week, when I am not at Holy Cross, I am getting my papers together in case something happens to me.   Not expecting it, but being realistic, and it feels very meaningful to do.  See there’s an irreconcilable issue with the hunger strike going forward:   Holy Cross is ONLY good at DELAYING and has rarely been good at communicating.   A hunger strike is not something that works with delays like Holy Cross type delays — years.  So, I am being realistic and getting the story ready to tell if my voice is not here to tell it.

Other than that……  what a beautiful day!   Sunny, and not as windy as it usually is at Holy Cross.

Today I got the license plate of one of the groups of harassers, but I held onto it instead of giving it to the Department of Public Safety.    It bothers me so much that the college still has not addressed the unethical and unlawful conduct of members of the administration.   Massachusetts has laws about privacy.    And two Jesuit priests assured me that all of my communications to the president were private.    The Holy Cross administration broke the laws on privacy AND betrayed the confidentiality Jesuits promised me.

And here they are paying attention to student harassers at the Vigil and Hunger Strike, but not doing a damn thing about the administration’s conduct.   That is intolerable.   And why the Hunger Strike for Justice will last a long time.

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