Eighth Day of the Hunger Strike for Justice: More Retaliation

There is a strange sickness at Holy Cross these days that I did not experience in 2003 when I met with Fr. McFarland three times.   It is called RETALIATION.

Since my senior year at Holy Cross, I have been a class agent — you know, one of those people who remind you to support the college.  And each year, I was sent a small gift and invited to a basketball game.

When — under the leadership of Philip Boroughs — RETALIATION was introduced, Holy Cross put my name on an internal list at the college of unfavored alums.   Does anyone else see the problem with that?   I was promised full and strict confidentiality by the president of the College and he never asked for permission to USE MY NAME THAT WAY.   And there was no emergency to waive the need for permission from me.

I knew something was wrong this year, because my class agent kit did not arrive in the mail when it was supposed to.   Maybe the mail is late, I told myself…..   No,   it   just   will   not   come.

I went to this page at the Holy Cross web site, http://alumni.holycross.edu/s/1380/index.aspx?sid=1380&gid=1&pgid=477

On that page, you will see a link for the “Holy Cross Fund Calendar”.   Look at the calendar.   I should have received the fund kit eight days ago.

This is more retaliation from the College of the Holy Cross under the leadership of Fr. Boroughs.   See, for ten years, Fr. McFarland did not do any kind of retaliation, but that seems to be all Boroughs wants to do.   I made a list of all his preferred ways of retaliating, in case this Hunger Strike for Justice kills me and someone else has to tell the story.

P.S.  The eighth day of the Hunger Strike for Justice is tomorrow, but I had this ready, and tomorrow is really busy.

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