I Sent this Communication to the Head of Public Safety at Holy Cross

I am writing to let you know I will refuse all emergency and medical care at the Hunger Strike for Justice.   I expect the hunger strike for justice to continue until the college provides a way of communicating that is normal and productive and not futile.   ALL of my letters and emails were ignored when I reported serious problems, and I saw the same problems I warned the college about continue unaddressed.   Then I documented conspiracies, cover ups and retaliation — much like women and men in the military face when they report issues surrounding sexual assault.   The issue I have had to report — and dealt with constant lies about, more breaches of trust, and retaliation — is confidentiality and privacy breaches.    The college president promises full and strict confidentiality — and then violates it whenever he wants to, however he wants to, and never once, ever sought permission first.

I had not expected to tell you my reasons for the Hunger Strike for Justice, but it is impossible to separate the reasons from the justice seeking.

I will have several documents on me and in my car confirming my denial of all medical care, even if I become unable to speak.    I am taking this stand for justice because I cannot not do it.   I would have preferred a normal way of communicating, but Holy Cross ignored all of them.

an alum

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