The Dysfunction at Holy Cross Continues

I am confident the Hunger Strike for Justice will continue until the end, the last day I have breath.   But it will continue.   I must take this stand for justice.   I cannot not do it.   My only other option is to sit home and drink beer and wish I was there, standing up for justice, doing what I am doing.   Taking this stand for justice is a much better life.

Holy Cross has shirked responsibility at every turn in the road, and that’s what it wants to keep doing, I learned today.   I know the hubris I am dealing with.   I have papers that prove lies about settlement talks, lies about confidentiality, lies about breaches of confidentiality, retaliation by Fr. Boroughs, and conspiracy among lawyers for Jesuits.   My proof is abundant.

So I am organizing all of the proof, sending it to safe places,  and then……. whatever will be, will be.    The Hunger Strike for Justice is solely a way to communicate because all other ways of communicating with Holy Cross have been futile for years.   I may be spending my last days of life there, on the hunger strike, but I cannot not be there and I must take this stand for justice.

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