Ninth Day of the Hunger Strike: Still Nothing from Conley

I have been asking William Conley, the head of Administrative Services at Holy Cross, where to make reports of unethical and unlawful acts of the college administration.    I have asked him this for years.   He never responds.  When I asked Fr. Boroughs, he never responded.   I learned that Fr. Boroughs sent all of my communications to Conley, without ever asking for or receiving my permission to do that.   And Conley never responded to those communications either.   It is a dead end with Conley.

Meanwhile the same things I complained about continued.  More and more and more retaliation from the college.  More and more and more confidentiality breaches from Fr. Boroughs.   More and more and more lies from the college about the confidentiality promised to me by the president’s office.

This type of behavior by Holy Cross made me decide to change the hunger strike to a “no liquid” hunger strike.  No food and no liquid.   I doubt I will survive more than two days.   I will do this in public, so the effects of the college’s conduct can be seen.

I just have some things left to do before I take this step.   I have a “to do” list to finish regarding all the papers to send to federal offices, media and private individuals.   And there are just a few more media people to talk to.  After that, it is just about following my instinct and my prayer.  I do not expect Holy Cross to change at all, so that is not even on my list anymore.  If Holy Cross gets around to changing — some major conversion experience required for that to happen! — and learns how to communicate and stop delaying, none of this is necessary.  I was promised settlement talks last April, and spent a whole year waiting for Holy Cross.

It’s an interesting time, and it’s very worthwhile, and I feel it is the right thing to do.   I said many times that I would just be sitting home and drinking beer if I was not standing up for justice.  It is a better life.

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2 Responses to Ninth Day of the Hunger Strike: Still Nothing from Conley

  1. elizabethhs says:

    Dear Kat,

    I’d say I don’t want to sound like a grating grandmother, yet I am a grandmother, so I’m apt tp sound like one… what I aim to say is that as innocent as drinking a beer may sound to some, including myself even after 20 years as a counselor in the addictions field, I am like yourself not too confident about all the invasions here that might be lurking and ready to misinterpret what is included.

    I am also concerned for your personal health and well being at this time; are you sure you are ok to drive all the way to Worcester? I notice that I had no response about your time of arrival tomorrow, unless I missed it on this gray-color-keyed computer that makes it almost impossible to see what keys I am hitting here!

    Cheers! Love/PEACE, Elizabeth

    Sorry to miss your call – I am fearful to respond to “RESTRICTED” numbers…

  2. I’m only driving a mile this week!

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