The Eleventh Day of the Hunger Strike: Holy Cross Makes Things Up

I don’t know about anyone else, but I really hardly thought about college administrations before I encountered so much shit with them.    Then I got to feeling — after so much time, so many repeated mistakes, so much hubris and no ability to admit mistakes — that college administrations are like the emperor with no clothes.   Just people, and people screw up sometimes.   People REALLY screw up.   The problem is they act like they are special.

The president of the College of the Holy Cross flat out lies about confidentiality, or people lie for him, and it’s all made up.

The new college lawyer files a silly complaint about me SIX DAYS after he took the job — and I won.  SIX DAYS!!    It was so peculiar.

I’ve been a class agent for a long, long time.    Then the college president puts my name on an internal list (without asking for and receiving my permission) and retaliates, and suddenly I am not a class agent anymore.

The administration of the College of the Holy Cross is a little wacky, communicates poorly, shoots from the hip, and never admits the mistakes it makes.

This would be funny if it wasn’t shit on top of shit on top of shit.

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2 Responses to The Eleventh Day of the Hunger Strike: Holy Cross Makes Things Up

  1. elizabethhs says:

    Dear Kat,

    I am reminded of the old phrasing about college degrees – B.S. = Bull Shit; M.S. = More of Same and Ph.D. = Piled High and Deep… and at the same time I am concerned that the “powers-that-be” will be apt to use such organic language against you if that fits their needs.

    I am wondering if in your efforts to hold this group of sj’s to some level of responsibility for your concerns that you might want to get some advice from someone like Sr. Joan Chittister – who seems to me to be a marvel at never letting herself be found leaning toward their inconsiderateness in any way but good humor – even when her job and future are quite threatened. I think you deserve the BEST so I am suggesting reaching out to the top! I do think that Joan does get their attention and would be willing to help if you ask – especially as the nuns have done far too little so far for the ’cause’… just thinking in terms of your deserving the best supports you can find.

    For now – rather busy here… Cheers! See you on Moday at about…?? Love/PEACE, Elizabeth

  2. Thanks for all the wisdom, Elizabeth. Contact me via email, if you can, or phone re Monday. I don’t want to tip my hat to the Holy Cross administration that reads this blog every day. (You know what I mean.)

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