Day 12 of the Hunger Strike: Getting Physical

I wrote about Day 12 yesterday because I knew today — Day 12 — would be full and busy, and it was.  Today provided so much material to write about over the next few weeks.

But I’m just going to write about something I haven’t said much about: the physical part of the hunger strike, and some of the medical advice.  The medical advice was to have light meals throughout the hunger strike, not limit myself to liquids only as I did last year for 26 days.   Medical professionals said that is dangerous, and pointed to the fact that Holy Cross waited until the 26th day to respond (and mislead me).   Since the medical people said they expect another response from Holy Cross but it might take awhile again, I really ought to stick to light meals, not go only liquid.  (FYI, I don’t share the medical pros confidence that Holy Cross will respond.)

I said no.   That — light meals — is not my understanding of a hunger strike (though Wikipedia says there are many types of hunger strikes).  I wanted to do what I did last year:  drink water mostly, and milk, tea, juice, and some beer, and  chocolate shakes from Wendy’s when I was really low (for the sugar).

So we compromised.   I said I would not go “cold turkey” like I did last year.  I’d ease into it, with a light meal to start out, and then only liquids — and then stop liquids too.   The compromise included a light meal when it seemed smart, or socially important (wanting/being obligated to be with friends).

Well, today was a light meal day, because when I weighed myself yesterday I was shocked at how much weight I lost, and because I was arriving to spend a week with friends and wanted to join them for dinner the first night.  And because as … umm… women know, it’s that time of the month, and I didn’t want to upset anything.

But it was a disaster.   The food went right through me, with wrenching pain.  I won’t be trying that experiment again.

From here on out, back to water, milk, tea, juice, some beer, and a chocolate shake from Wendy’s when I am low.   That’s until I go “no liquid”, which will be soon, because all I am getting from Holy Cross is nonsense.   As I mentioned in the beginning of this post, today provided a lot of material to write about.   What a story this is shaping up to be.   I don’t know how it will end, but it is a better life than sitting home and drinking beer and wishing I was here.   I must take this stand for justice.   I cannot not do it.

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