Fourteenth Day of the Hunger Strike: Two Weeks!

Today marks the end of the second week of the Hunger Strike for Justice at the College of the Holy Cross.   I began the hunger strike when the college took some steps to address harassment and hate speech by about twenty students, but still did nothing about serious unethical behavior by the administration even though I had complained about it for years.   That was just not tolerable to me.   I had to take a stand for justice.

Two weeks!

I did finally see a way to go, and I like it.   Part of what I asked the college to do is acts of penance for its behavior.  This requires substantial donations to poor people, abuse victims, and organizations that help poor people or abuse victims.    I also asked the college to address my expenses, the medical advice,  and misconduct by the administration.

I decided if the college just addresses the penance — the donations to poor people and abuse victims — I will stop the hunger strike for justice and return to doing a vigil until all the rest is resolved, which can be done more slowly (the college normally has a very, very, very, very slow speed — EXCEPT when it wants to RETALIATE!!!).  It makes more sense to split it this way, so I can see some good will from the college after more than a year of retaliation and ill will.    Once they do this, the animosity should disappear.

It’s a relief to see an outcome that isn’t as hard as the only outcome I saw before — solving everything — after I had been so misled and jerked around the past year and had no more trust in the college.

So the Hunger Strike for Justice will continue until the college agrees to help poor people and abuse victims as an act of penance for its retaliation, unreasonable delays, and ill will.   All the rest can wait til later.

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One Response to Fourteenth Day of the Hunger Strike: Two Weeks!

  1. The health care people in my life are confident Holy Cross will respond but could take a long time, so they tell me not to do a hunger strike where I only have liquids, because that’s dangerous.

    Me? I have dealt with a solid year of retaliation from Holy Cross, first hand experience of retaliation from my alma mater, treated like shit — and I am supposed to be confident Holy Cross will respond? Huh. Holy Cross would like me to drop dead — but have another way to blame the death, if it only could. So I am taking a stand for justice, liquids, and then no liquids.

    There is going to be a public record of all the shit they put me through. I have a great deal of paper to prove it too.

    Is that what makes health care people think they will respond? My records? I doubt that entered into it. One key piece of info is the chief health care advisor is a witness to McFarland’s promise of strict confidentiality and knows what strict confidentiality means. So he sees the shenanigans Holy Cross is pulling and then lying about — and he believes Holy Cross will eventually be reasonable and do the right thing. Reasonable and do the right thing. Holy Cross? With that hubris? That makes me laugh.

    No, I think this hunger strike will go the whole distance, all the way. Holy Cross will never again mislead me about “settlement talks”, is not going to say “what about mediation?”, when I know they will not do it.

    Now all they can do is say they will do the acts of penance I asked them to do. Prove they are humble and can act this way. Show they are people of good will and admit their mistakes. Then we can sort out the rest.

    Can Holy Cross do this? Yes, of course. WILL Holy Cross do this? I am not going to place any bets.

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