Day 15 of the Hunger Strike at the College of the Holy Cross

It’s already day 15 of the hunger strike! I can hardly believe it!   Day 15!   Today many people stopped and asked me how I was doing.   I didn’t know on what level to answer, and mostly said “Fine, thanks, how are you?”

I am going to add a new sign with the number of days that have passed.  I had a sign like that last year and I think it was helpful.

I don’t have anything much to share right now because I am exhausted.   I think it’s from standing out in the sun.   And I already said most of what is on my mind.   Going to go take a nap.


Update:    I never did take that nap, but got to rest for half an hour.   There is work to do on a hunger strike for justice!   Three days ago I told the college I would end the hunger strike if we worked out a resolution on the penance — which is only one part of the many issues to solve during the protracted “settlement talks”.  The other issues can wait.   There was work to do on the details of the penance —  I had asked the Board to raise funds for people and programs that help abuse victims and/or the poor.   I just had to finally firm up where, with one beneficiary still to be finalized.   I did that today.

So now it is all in the hands of the Board of Trustees of the College of the Holy Cross.   The acts of penance must come from them.   They permitted retaliation, engaged in unreasonable delays, never addressed any problems I told them about,  and permitted a great deal of ill will to flourish.   I understand it will require a conversion experience, to go from hubris to penance.   I get that.   I will continue the Hunger Strike for Justice until we work out this part of the dispute.

Okay, now it’s time to sleep.   I’m exhausted.

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