Holy Cross This Week

It’s nearing the end of my tenth week at Holy Cross in 2013.   It’s shaping up more like the Holy Cross I know.   Today was the sixteenth day of the hunger strike — which I started when a little over two weeks ago the college had some response to about twenty students with hate speech and harassment — but the more than twenty people on the Board of Trustees still have never addressed unethical conduct by the college administration.  Never, for many years.   It was just too intolerable for me and my sense of justice.  So hate speech by students gets attention, but hateful, retaliatory conduct by the administration of the college does not?   That is wrong.

All week people have been asking how I am.  Mid week it was faculty, and today it was all students.   I am doing good.   I feel best when I am there.   I realized today that I am going to have to be at Holy Cross even more often — after I had already increased my time.   It’s for this reason:   I don’t want my situation to harm anyone on the road.   I’ll give an example.   I know my energy is low, then standing outdoors for hours is tiring, I miss my dogs, and there are physical things with the hunger strike.  Today after a week at Holy Cross and a couple hours driving home, I walked to the corner to get something.   Gosh, I was wobbly.   I walked fast — that’s me — but my sensory perceptions were way off — and I knew it.   It was a simple thing.   I was walking down the sidewalk and I was about to go by a parked car.    But suddenly there was this bizarre sensation that I was not moving — even though I was still walking fast — but the parked car was moving.   Not me, but the car.   And I knew that was off, but it was impossible to shake.    Walked to the corner, bothered by that, and walked home super nauseous, which makes no sense at all on an empty stomach.   Just explaining this if it ever helps someone else some day.

I’ll be staying nights in Worcester for the rest of the hunger strike, to cut back on driving.

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