Day 18 of the Hunger Strike at Holy Cross: More and More Privacy Breaches and Wacky Behavior

Anyone who has read what I’ve been saying here since January knows I am angry about reckless breaches of strict confidentiality by Philip Boroughs, the president of the College of the Holy Cross, and the people who he then allows to breach privacy after he does…..

It’s happening again, this time from the college’s Department of Public Safety.   There was no emergency and I was promised confidentiality by that office, but they breach it.

There is just so much craziness at Holy Cross, and promises people make and then breach when they want to.    I am tracking all of this because I am positive I am not the only person who experienced this shit.

And here’s some more info about the wacky behavior at the college.

Remember I mentioned a Jesuit who pointed to a sign that said “Waiting for Fr. Boroughs” and said it was vulgar?   So I asked him which word is vulgar, Waiting, for, or Fr. Boroughs.

Well, here’s another wacky use of words.    Last year when I was at Holy Cross with the first hunger strike, Fr. Boroughs violated my privacy — when there was no emergency — and gave my name to Public Safety to tell them to ban me from campus with a letter.   Wow.

But here’s the extra crazy thing.   Public Safety is calling this letter an “order”.   The head of the department, Robert Hart, and a lieutenant call this letter an “order“.  They really do.   It’s in written words.   But only a COURT and a JUDGE can issue orders to people.   He only wrote a freaking letter,  but calls it an order.

Now the people who run Holy Cross think they are judges too.

There is a lot more of this wacky behavior than I’m saying, but I’ll try to catch up and share it all in case it helps anyone else.   It’s all about hubris — a real clear absence of humility with people.

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