End of Week 10 at Holy Cross; 510 Weeks to go!

I arrived at the College of the Holy Cross ten weeks ago to begin a Vigil for Justice that I expected to last ten years.   I still expect that.   I know there is tremendous denial and hubris in the leadership of Holy Cross.   They have retaliated many times.  I documented many lies about the confidentiality and privacy promised to me.   I also documented conspiracy among the lawyers for the college and the Jesuits.  I expect it will take ten years to break through the web of denial and deceit the college has manufactured.   It will be worth it to me.   I cannot not do this.  I am at the right place at the right time in my life.

On April 3 I began a hunger strike for justice, after seeing that the college would have some response to harassment and hate speech by students but still ignores hateful conduct by the administration.    This was intolerable.

This past week I told the college that I would end the hunger strike after the administration engaged in acts of penance for their behavior, by offering substantial support to programs that help abuse victims or people living in poverty.

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