Day 20 of the Hunger Strike: Speaking the Truth

I had another post here for about twenty minutes this morning and then I took it down, at least for now.   I don’t want to hinder any investigation that could take place about the problems I described, which are federal crimes and perhaps state law crimes too.   Then the day went on and I wondered what I could say.

It’s difficult to travel this road and stand for justice.   I want to focus on my mission, but other things crop up.  More confidentiality breaches and cover up and conspiracy.  More retaliation.   Hate speech and harassment.   And more.   None of this is going to stop me, but some of it will take up a lot of my time.

And now on to a few odds and ends……   This is my ELEVENTH week at Holy Cross in 2013.  There will be 509 more weeks, I predict…… Holy Cross has not responded to my proposal that the Board of Trustees engage in acts of penance….. The hate speech and harassment by students at Holy Cross has diminished, with occasional eruptions….. I moved to a better place to be outside the gates — right there, inches from the road in — because it was too cold in the shade a few feet away where I was.

Day 20 of the Hunger Strike for Justice.


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