Day 22 of the Hunger Strike for Justice at the College of the Holy Cross

At the beginning of the fourth week of the hunger strike, Holy Cross still has made no effort to resolve anything.   This is remarkable since Holy Cross had offered to engage in settlement talks one year ago, but it has made virtually no effort to move those talks along.  And only three months after offering settlement talks, Holy Cross engaged in very aggressive retaliation when it changed lawyers.

Holy Cross often speaks and evangelizes about being “women and men for others”.   I do not see that in Fr. Boroughs and his staff.   The previous Holy Cross president never retaliated against me, though he did do other things wrong, mainly breaching my privacy and confidentiality.   All of the retaliation was done by Philip Boroughs and his staff.  I have seen no effort by Fr. Boroughs to walk the walk, to practice what the college preaches.

I will continue this stand for justice until I see some humility and accountability for what Holy Cross has put me through.   I know from the alums and Worcester residents I hear from that my story is not unique.   For as long as I have life and breath, I feel compelled to tell this story until I see the college make amends.

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