Day 25; and 366 days since the college agreed to settlement talks

I wasn’t going to write anything today because I’ve felt crappy all day.  I don’t like to share things like that and I doubt it makes for good reading.   But it is what it is.

It struck me today that this hunger strike for justice is a consequence of total communication failure by the College of the Holy Cross.  366 days ago, the college agreed to engage in settlement talks.  Then it changed lawyers and the new one chose to retaliate instead.

So here I am today at the end of my 11th week at Holy Cross with the Vigil for Justice which I expect to last ten years.

First I have to get through this hunger strike.   So new readers don’t have to look it up, I decided to do a hunger strike because the college was having some response to harassment and hate speech by students at the vigil — but still did not do a damn thing about hateful conduct of the administration which has gone on for years.

Anyway…. felt really bad all day, and I am going back to bed.   Going to bring my hiking poles with me from now on, to lean on.

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