Day 27; 368 days since Holy Cross agreed to settlement talks

Day 27 is tomorrow and I am writing about it today, because tomorrow will be a challenge.

It hurts to stand.

Standing is what I do at the Vigil for Justice/Hunger Strike, so the whole day will be a challenge and an ordeal.   Of course I will still do it.   I have persistence and endurance in most things, but added to that I have a firm belief and knowledge that this stand for justice is my calling at this time in my life.

I am going to continue to count the days since Holy Cross agreed to settlement talks, since it highlights how bizarrely the administration is behaving.   I have evidence the college hired a private investigator to follow me and break the law.   The administration also engaged in retaliation by filing a complaint against my professional license — and I won.  I have been a class agent since senior year at Holy Cross, but Fr. Boroughs put my name on an internal list — without asking for my permission and there was no emergency — and suddenly I am not a class agent any more.

These are not the behaviors of someone who wants to resolve a dispute.   So I think it is very, very important to highlight the behavior, since the college also said it wanted to engage in settlement talks.   The college is confused and ambivalent.  They evangelize about being “women and men for others” when they actually like to retaliate, cover up and conspire.   I’ve seen a great deal of the ugly side of Holy Cross.   It is very ugly.

So, I don’t know what the future holds, only that I must take this stand for justice for as long as it is necessary to do.  If the college can say it wants to engage in settlement talks — which it said — then it can certainly figure out how to do that.   Somehow it is also going to have to stop behaving badly.   And I just do not see that happening without a miracle.

Day 27.  Tomorrow.

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