Progress — and I like how it happened

So, weeks ago I had a meeting with the Public Safety people and told them about four incidents of hate speech I remembered because the incidents kept repeating.   When my reason for being on the Hunger Strike for Justice is so clear in my mind, it takes repeated bad behavior for me to notice it at the time and remember later.   I saw a spiking of bad behavior, so I spoke up about it.

The next day I told Public Safety about something I hadn’t mentioned because I forgot.   The character of it was different.   It was more like high school bullying.   It was a car full of young women, with two leaning out the windows saying “I gotta get a picture of this” and more words like that.   One asked the driver to stop, and she did, so that person could get out and take pictures of me.   She just stood there in my face taking pictures.

I forgot about that, because it was different.   High school kids at Holy Cross.

And then I saw again the young woman who jumped out of the car to take pictures.   I saw her often.

And something about her reminded me of my little sister when she was young.   She was the baby, and she just had a different experience with life.   She’ll grow up, I said about this bully at Holy Cross.

She drove by lots of times and laughed at me.   Sometimes she said things — but a funny thing about that is people usually are not too audible in their cars when they yell.

Today she was in a car that had to slow when it made its turn because a vehicle ahead had slowed too.   I called out hello to her, right in front of me, and she waved hello at me.

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