Day 32 of the Hunger Strike for Justice, 373 days since Holy Cross agreed to settlement talks

Guantanamo has been on my mind,  with over a hundred men on a hunger strike.  The Irish hunger strikers in the last century — I hear them too.   A friend reminded me about Gandhi, even though I know I am nothing like him.

It is not about winning, though there are some people at HC who think it is.  Win.  Beat me…..  It is about being honest.  Just be honest.

Along the way I figured out that Holy Cross has some very significant problems and issues with communication.    How could the new college lawyer file a complaint against my professional license SIX days after he took the new job?   I won.   What made him do that?   What lies are there?   What deceit?   What is wrong?   WHO told him to do that?  Six days after he took the job?

I do not believe that Holy Cross is so different from Guantanamo.   There are communication problems around the world.   It’s an issue with people who misuse power, and all normal ways of communicating being useless.   I have good company on this hunger strike for justice.

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