About a third or more way into the Hunger Strike for Justice at the College of the Holy Cross, the college president Philip Boroughs went to the Worcester Art Museum with a group of students from Holy Cross.    Google it and find the explanations for this trip.  Holy Cross covered it and said why.

He found the time for the art museum, and 100% ignored me the whole time he has been president of Holy Cross.

When I am in Worcester for the hunger strike and vigil, I stay with an alum whose son is going to Holy Cross in August.   He is cramming for the A.P. test in Art History.    He wants to major in art at Holy Cross.

There, at their home, I was asked if my first job was in the food service at Holy Cross.   No,  my first job was in the Cantor Art Gallery before junior year.   (I skipped the food service job because when I was 17 my Dad said he did not want me to work at the beginning of college, like he had to do, and he found the money.   I didn’t ask him to do that and I didn’t even know he thought that way.)


Then Holy Cross got a major gift from an alum who wants to support the arts.

The largest gift in college history.

I am still waiting for Philip Boroughs to explain why he ignored me and did not find the time to do both — go to the museum and talk to me — like most people who go to art museums can do.

Day 33 of the Hunger Strike for justice,  374 days since Holy Cross agreed to settlement talks.

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  1. elizabethhs says:

    I LOVE this reflection – thank you for sharing it. Cheers! (Please pray for my nephew – sad news toady! Love/PEACE, Elizabeth

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