Day 35 of the Hunger Strike for Justice; 376 days since Holy Cross agreed to settlement talks

The Holy Cross student newspaper had an article about the Hunger Strike for Justice and hate speech by some students.

I’ve posted a few comments at the Crusader website.   Today I wrote about the acts of penance I requested the college perform:

Today is Day 35 of the Hunger Strike for Justice at Holy Cross. I will be back tomorrow after obligations somewhere else today. I want to explain what I asked the college to do.

Because the college presidents, Boroughs and McFarland, ignored problems for years, I contacted the Holy Cross Board of Trustees about the problems which they did not address either. Then the college lawyer filed a complaint against the professional license I earned a few years after I graduated from Holy Cross. All of this occurred after the 26 day hunger strike in March/April 2012. The complaint was filed in July 2012.

I “won” on that complaint filed by the College of the Holy Cross against my professional license. It took 260 days from start to finish, but I won on the papers — no hearing. I just explained with papers what Holy Cross keeps getting wrong.

Something that seems very important is the president’s office (Fr. Boroughs) filed this complaint SIX days after he got a new lawyer. SIX days. I can’t help wondering what kind of deceit was running around the offices then.

Fr. Boroughs had his new lawyer file a complaint against my license SIX days after he took the job. And I won. Without a hearing.

Remember I said 260 days?There have been several things that got my attention on this very long road, like waiting…. two…. hundred… and … sixty…. days for resolution.

260 days for that complaint that was dismissed.

26 days for the hunger strike last year — that ended when the college agreed to “settlement talks”.

35 days for the hunger strike so far this year…..

11 years of confidentiality breaches and lies, then more breaches and conspiracy and cover up and retaliation and lost work.

Something in my bones said Holy Cross has to address TRUST first.

A really smart Irish lawyer who lives in CT now wrote about how the church will not get past its mistakes covering up abuse until it acts with PENANCE, not just legal outcomes and “justice”. She said bishops should be fired and held accountable, and there needs to be real penance.

So I thought about it a lot over a long time, and decided the Holy Cross Board of Trustees and Fr. Boroughs should raise new funds to benefit programs that serve poor people, crime victims, and perpetrators of crime.

For example, with the 260 horrible days when HC filed a complaint against me that I won, I asked the college to raise new funds (not already directed funds) to help many programs in Worcester and the city where I live. $260,000.

With the hunger strike this year and last year, I asked Holy Cross to total the number of days — 61 so far. So about $61,000. This goes to organizations and people who have proven creative ways to solve problems, which HC should learn from. (Like the Center for Nonviolent Solutions, in Worcester.)

And 11 years of confidentiality and privacy breaches, lying about them, covering it up, conspiring with other people outside HC, and then retaliating….. 11 times 365 times 1,000. That goes mostly to the Catholic Worker movement started by Dorothy Day and Peter Maurin in NYC in the 1930’s. The Catholic Worker has little overhead and generally works outside the systems. I envision setting up a Jesuit Penance Fund, because there are many millions of people who have it much worse than me.

AFTER Holy Cross addresses the penance and shows it is trustworthy again, we can figure out the rest.

If it looks like I am being hard on the Holy Cross administration, it is probably true. But as a very experienced medical person said, “if they can do it, they should do it”.

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