Passing the Time

At the vigil for justice, I wear a sign around my neck.  The board is a bit thicker than ordinary box board.   If I have a hiking pole in my hand, I play the board like it’s a guitar and move my fingers on the pole.   If I have both hands free, I play the board like it’s a drum.   This is in between cars and pedestrians going by.

Today the driver of a car coming out of Holy Cross let me know he caught on.   He played an imaginary snare drum with imaginary sticks in his hands, laughing and smiling with me.

I like these special moments and I want to be sure I remember it.

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2 Responses to Passing the Time

  1. elizabethhs says:

    A _____ who is also a poet!! Love this! Cheers, Elizabeth

  2. Elizabeth, thank you so much! I edited your comment for a reason I hope is obvious!

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