Violation of Privacy Rights

Violation of privacy and the strict confidentiality promised to me is the main complaint I have against the current and past presidents of Holy Cross.  (With Fr. Boroughs, the current president, I can add repeated acts of retaliation.)   People know what privacy means.  There are laws about it.   Holy Cross promised me strict confidentiality:  only the president would know my name, where I lived and my story.  Holy Cross respected this for a couple months in eleven years.

Other church people have these problems — recklessly violating victims’ privacy and not respecting basic decency and breaching the commitments they made.

The bishop of Kansas City recently violated the privacy of three victims who had settled cases with the diocese as John Doe.   Why?   Another victim of a sexually abusive priest committed suicide and his family filed a lawsuit against the diocese.   The three John Doe victims are potential witnesses.   The lawyer for the diocese blatantly ignored the victims’ privacy and put their names in legal documents as potential witnesses.

Here is more information:

This is the sort of integrity problem that Jesuit presidents of Holy Cross have.   Strict confidentiality is great — until they do not want to respect it any more.

I will spend the next ten years making sure they take responsibility.

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