Holy Cross Violates Its Own Policies

I said many times before that the administration of the College of the Holy Cross routinely violates its own policies.   The administration retaliates and violates confidentiality — when both practices are prohibited by many college policies.

I can now document another failure of the college administration to follow its own policies.

The Department of Public Safety publishes an Emergency Response Manual.   In the area referring to demonstrations and protests, the manual states:

Generally, demonstrations of this kind should not be interrupted.  Demonstrators would not be obstructed or provoked and efforts would be made to conduct College business as normally as possible.

College officials have already acknowledged publicly that my vigil for justice is peaceful.   This was reported in the college newspaper with quotes from the college administration.   But the college president has banned me from campus.   I could not even attend the funeral of Fr. Brooks — and the president’s office continued that ban when I raised this issue.

Many times I told the president’s office and the department of public safety that the president’s letter banning me from campus is unreasonable.

Now I have proof that the college president is violating the college’s own policies again.   For this reason, I think it’s unlikely I will be very flexible with the college in the penance I asked it to perform.   The college president and his staff knew what they were doing when they violated many college policies.   There must be accountability for this behavior.

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