Week 14 of the Vigil for Justice at Holy Cross

This is the start of my 14th week at Holy Cross, and I find myself wondering which Holy Cross I will see this week.

The retaliatory Holy Cross?   The ugly Holy Cross?   The hate speech and hateful conduct Holy Cross is good at?   Since Friday night, offices at Holy Cross have visited my blog dozens of times.   Offices — over the weekend.   Why?  More retaliation to come?  More hateful conduct?    Last time an office at Holy Cross clicked on 40 posts, it was the college lawyer immersed in retaliation, getting his papers together.

Do I dare expect better from Holy Cross?   Will I ever experience “women and men for others”?  Will there be any effort by the college to do something about its mistakes?

Graduation is at the end of the following week, Week 15, and I’ll be there.  It will be my first presence at a big event and I will be in my usual spot by the main gate.   The college administration has already noted in the media that my protest has been peaceful.   But let’s watch what they do…..    I am contacting the Massachusetts ACLU this week because I just do not trust the college to respect my civil rights on a big day.  I also asked the director of the Department of Public Safety at Holy Cross for his cell phone number so I can report police misconduct — interference in my civil rights, if it happens.   Police often make mistakes on big days, trampling on constitutional rights.   Holy Cross cares so much about its image, so let’s just see.

And maybe the College will use this time to finally do the right thing.   I proposed a penance for all the shit they put me through.   We can take ten years to work it out, or ten more days.   I will be here for ten more graduations if that’s how it has to be….

So, Week 14, what do you have in store?



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