The Penance for Holy Cross

When the Holy Cross student newspaper The Crusader wrote its most recent article covering part of the vigil (hate speech by students), I shared more information in the comments section.   I told about the acts of penance I asked the college to perform to take responsibility for eleven years of confidentiality and privacy breaches, conspiracy and cover up, and then many overt acts of retaliation by the current president of the college,  Philip Boroughs.

The penance increased because the college still ignores the problems.

One of Fr. Boroughs’ acts of retaliation was filing a complaint against my professional license — and I won.   But it took 260 stress filled days from start to finish.   So I asked Holy Cross to engage in acts of penance for this behavior.   I requested the college provide $260,000 to organizations that serve poor people and victims and perpetrators of crime.    When the college ignored me, I raised it 50% to $390,000 and included more organizations.

The college has delayed 385 days since agreeing to settlement talks, so there is a $385,000 penance too.

I’m focusing on other people — poor people, victims and perpetrators of crime — because that is my understanding of penance.  Medical advisers urged me to include things that I need, so I asked the college to cover my expenses and other recommended things.

I will continue this Vigil for Justice for as long as it takes the college administration to accept responsibility for its behavior.

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