More Comparisons Between Holy Cross and the U.S. Military on Sexual Assault

The San Antonio Express News has been investigating sexual assault in the United States military for a long time.   The most recent set of reports was in the paper this week.   It got my attention because it does an excellent job detailing the retaliation that victims suffer — and not just saying it.   There are details about the retaliation.   I have details too.     Here is the final report:

The military looks for reforms and so does Congress.   But as the San Antonio Express News found, reality is different from policy.   Congress has a new policy, then the military struggles and rejects or does it half way.  A recent new policy allowed victims to transfer to another military facility swiftly and be in a different place than the accused, but time after time the records show these requests are ignored.   Sometimes it is because the military is investigating the victim of sexual assault.

One of the strangest experiences I’ve had at Holy Cross is the college ignoring its own policies.   Policy after policy at Holy Cross punishes retaliation and breach of confidentiality — but the Office of the President breached my privacy and confidentiality when it wanted to without permission or any emergency that justified it,  and the Office of the President retaliated against me when I complained.   Fr. Boroughs, what were you thinking?

The college also has a policy on protesting, saying peaceful protests should not be interfered with.   But look at what the college did about my little vigil for justice.

I was banned from campus, period — and not just when I was protesting.   I complained a lot and I was ignored.   Remember:  peaceful protests are not to be interfered with, under Holy Cross policies.   I couldn’t even go to Fr. Brooks’ funeral…..

Just like the United States military, the Office of the President of the College of the Holy Cross cannot seem to respect its own policies.   And then it blames all of it on me.

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