Start Where You Are

If the person who sexually assaulted you is a member of a religious order, such as the Jesuits, and you want to report it to Jesuits (or another religious order), you will find that Jesuits are experts at making it complicated and then do not tell you the truth and are unlikely to tell the truth about you.

Jesuits will tell you to see someone else, other Jesuits, not us.  See, the Jesuit entered the Society someplace else, Timbuktu, not here.  Or he entered the Jesuits here, yes of course, but all his work was somewhere else.   Or, he entered there in Timbuktu, he worked here, but you have to see those Jesuits, where he spent a year away in New Zealand.

And even if you land in the right place for the sexual abuse reporting you want to do, the Jesuit who believes you will say “but you have to see them, those other Jesuits, too” and name 5 places.

As a veteran of these experiences with Jesuits, I have a new belief.   Start where you are, do what you can, and then go on from there.

So, for example, I am giving Holy Cross all of this valuable time and effort because it is where I am and there are plenty of problems here.   There are problems with Jesuits ALL over, in my experience.   Holy Cross is easier for me, I have friends and places to go nearby, and I can DO THIS.  So this is the right place.


Start with what’s easiest and best for you, and then go on from there if YOU need to.

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