Politics in Police Work

It’s an interesting time at the Vigil for Justice at Holy Cross.

The chief of the college police told me that he was instructed to write the letter that banned me from campus in March 2012.  It wasn’t his choice,  he said.   When the letter was hand delivered by two college police officers, they said it came from the Office of the President.   The letter addressed to me was copied to the college lawyer then, Timothy Mines, and to William Conley, Jr., the director of administrative services who never addresses problems.

Here’s the issue:  that letter from the Office of the President violated written policy of the college.  College policy says in writing that peaceful protests should not be interfered with.   It makes it clear that protests should not be provoked or bothered, and the work of the college goes on normally.

But all around the world, people misuse executive power and interfere in the work of police.   Mayors do it, governors do it — and college presidents do it.

At Holy Cross, new president Philip Boroughs had Conley and the college lawyer violate college policy and ban the protest from campus, using the police to violate campus policy and enforce the violation of policy.  They did even more than that.   They banned ME from campus, all the time, for everything.   They did even more than that.  They put my name — violating privacy — on an internal list at the college, giving my name to people without ever asking for permission to do that.  They did even more than that.   They dropped me from being a class agent after many years of service.   They did even more than that.  They banned me from the funeral for Rev. John Brooks, SJ, for no reason.

And written policy of the College of the Holy Cross says peaceful protests should not be interfered with.

On Thursday, two days ago, the chief of police at Holy Cross told me to write to the college lawyer (the college changed lawyers in July 2012) and ask him to address these problems.   Yesterday I wrote that letter.

Since politics at the college caused this problem, it’s hard to imagine what will solve it.

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One Response to Politics in Police Work

  1. The college lawyer has ignored my letter so far, and for clarity and transparency, I’ll add this: the college lawyer (who took the job in July 2012) has ignored every single thing I said the past year except when he wanted to complain about it or share it with another lawyer or someone else. He passed on my communications, but he did not respond to them. When I began this blog (January 2013), it was the college lawyer who violated my privacy and sent my email (clearly marked confidential to the president, Philip Boroughs) to a lot of people who sent it to other people, before search engines found my blog 3 days later.

    I do not ever get a response from him. I have the records.

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