The Office of the President of Holy Cross Violates Law and Policies for its Own Benefit

Fr. Boroughs,

You are aware that every instance of privacy breaches by your Office of the President that I know about was only for the College’s benefit and never for mine.

I told about the harm your office caused and repeated and never showed any concern or understanding about — for eleven years.

When you took office in 2012, the College turned to retaliation, one incident after another after another of retaliation.   Virtually all policies of the college prohibit retaliation.   Why did you retaliate?   Because you saw some benefit for you.

College policy allows protests, and specifically says peaceful protests should not be provoked, and college business continues normally.    But you interfered with and provoked my little protest, and 15 months later, you apparently don’t even know the college policy.  Why?   Your violations of college policy provide a benefit to you.

The College went beyond that and banned me from campus 24/7, when all I had done was hold a small peaceful protest.    But protests should not be interfered with.   Why did you do that?   Self-interest and retaliation.

The College put my name on an internal list — though I had been promised strict confidentiality by the president of the College.  You never asked for my permission to use my name this way.   There was no emergency.   Why did you violate strict confidentiality?   You see a benefit for you.

The College filed a complaint against my professional license that I won — and the College did it in conjunction with the New England province.   Guess what.  You violated the law in the state where I live, where you filed it.   These complaints are confidential.   Why did you breach privacy and the law to work with the New England province?   You saw a benefit for you.

I don’t know what’s going on in your office and why there are so many problems, and all of the same type.

The College of the Holy Cross promotes being women and men for others.

If you can’t do it, my work is to make all of this better and stop the bad behavior and hold people accountable for their mistakes.   The ease with which you and your staff behave so badly makes it clear to me you’ve done it before to other people, violating written college policy whenever you see a benefit to you.   I feel responsible to make you and the College do much better.


An alum

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