Thank You!

I don’t know where I would be without new and old friends, or where I would be without past life lessons and the people there and the people I meet who understand me today.   I surely get it, with my dealings with the administration of the College of the Holy Cross, and its delusions that permit it to violate any law or college policy it wants to.  I understand I would not be able to do this — stand for justice — without all the people I have known, family, friends, classmates, teachers, mentors.

Today is my Mom’s birthday, and it makes me grateful for life and the people in it.   Thank you!

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2 Responses to Thank You!

  1. elizabethhs says:

    Kate, I am so touched by your message of gratitude here!

    (Why is the page NOT available to me at this time – yet again??)

    If we were all as grateful for God’s blessings – and the supports we have been granted to do our various struggles, then Holy Cross would understand the nature of us ALL being simply the children of a generous Spirit – in whom we move and live and have our being. Too bad Holy Cross, the staid institution, does NOT seem to ‘get’it’ – in spite of the rather hypocritical stance it takes – pretending to be of the God we love… hmmm… so where ARE the Alumna/e and staff – old and new or not so new – that they have not chosen to respond directly to your presence. Reminds of the New England poet and his poem about Jesus knocking on the gate… what makes us so deaf and oblivious to the fact that we are ALL OF US – YOU, KATE!! I know you are probably thinking that Love is patient – and how VERY patient you are being!! I am blessed by your integrity and self-assertion – all for the needs of OTHERS!! Which is so your generous spirit. I’m so glad your parents had the good sense to have YOU! Chhers! Love JUSTICE, Elizabeth

  2. Elizabeth, your words mean so much to me, because I know your words come from your heart.

    You are correct about this post disappearing and being hard to access. It was here for about a minute when I thought better about giving HC and Jesuit lawyers access it. So, I deleted it. Then a day later I was struck by how I was affected by the delusions of elitism at Holy Cross — so now I cannot even say thank you, knowing HC and Jesuit lawyers will try to distort that too? So, then I made it password protected. Perhaps you forgot about that — I gave you the password. I have a hunch when I very first posted it, when it was there for a minute and not deleted, you got an email about it, and then the link said it wasn’t there.

    So, after I read your comment I made another change: I made it public, and it will stay public.

    If HC and Jesuit lawyers need to distort a thank you, then the world is worse off and I will have to expose it.

    That was the journey of this post saying Thank You! — and Thank You! survives.


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