What Happens When a “Good Person” Messes Up Badly at the College of the Holy Cross?

My experiences along the way tell me there is an issue at Holy Cross with what happens when people mess up.

Two examples.

When I was at HC, I lived in Beaven Hall for two years.  (It’s an academic building now, not a dorm.)   There were washing machines and dryers in the basement which took quarters.   Early on — 4 weeks? —  I saw I had to figure out the timing better because clothes got dry super fast and probably only needed one quarter and I didn’t want to ruin my clothes.   I had noticed a man who looked to be a maintenance worker holding a pair of women’s underpants in his hands when I went down to move my laundry from the washer to the dryer.    It wasn’t my clothes/my dryer, but I noticed he was doing something odd touching other people’s clothes — underpants?

About 12 weeks later, more or less (with other times in between), I went down to get my clothes from the dryer, at about 6 a.m.   And there was the same man and this time he was holding my underpants in his hands when I walked in to get my clothes from the dryer after about 20 minutes.

I reported it to my RA and about a week later she told me that he was fired.  She made a special point of telling me it was because of my complaint.

I can tell another story, this one about the current lawyer for the College of the Holy Cross.   I keep catching him lying about things.   There are many examples.   This isn’t the worst one, but he even lied about why I parted with a lawyer in Boston I hired to represent me, with lies on paper about my lawyer.   The current lawyer for Holy Cross even thinks he knew the situation with my lawyer.   See, I had only hired my lawyer for a limited time, months, and then extended it twice, because I really, really wanted to do the Vigil for Justice instead but Holy Cross kept insisting I get a lawyer.   But on paper, the lawyer for Holy Cross made up a lie about it,  why I left my lawyer,  like he does for other things.   He keeps making things up.

I have a lot of examples about the current lawyer messing up, lying many times, but whenever I bring my complaint to the College of the Holy Cross, they ignore me.  Lawyers can be disbarred for lying, but at the College of the Holy Cross there is an elitist thing and lying, violating policies, breaking the law — it is all okay, for some people who work there.

Elitism.   Complain about the maintenance worker but not about the college lawyer.

P.S.  There are other examples, and probably the best one still to write about, but I have other obligations today and I am getting set to move to Worcester soon so I can be there every day.   I promise I will get to it soon when I find the words.

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