My Proposal to Holy Cross — Revised

The College of the Holy Cross told me in April 2012 that it agreed to settlement talks.   Then the college stalled.   There was a meeting in September 2012, and the college said at the close that it would get back to me about mediation.  I never heard anything after that.   The college continued its retaliation, which is a very bizarre way for someone in settlement talks to behave.

Because the college keeps stringing me along with delays, continues retaliating, and has not addressed any of the serious problems I identified, I crafted a proposal that holds the college accountable in some ways.   This proposal does not address the reforms that are needed to make sure this never happens to anyone else.   However, the proposal does require that the college engage in penance for its behavior.

This is what I proposed the college do:

1.   The board raises funds for non-profits and organizations that help poor people and victims and perpetrators of crimes.   I specified the organizations and the amounts, which are based on the number of days that I experienced retaliation from the college.

2 and 3.  The board raises funds to help a non-profit in my hometown that works with young people who are victims or perpetrators of crime.  Funds are raised based on the number of days in which the college violated college policies on peaceful protests.  The board also provides ongoing support for ten years.

4.  P. Kevin Condron, Philip L. Boroughs, SJ, and the Board of Trustees raise funds for the Catholic Worker movement for ten years.

5-8.   The College covers my expenses and medical advice, and provides work at terms agreed to.

That’s it.   But it will be a big deal for the College of the Holy Cross to admit it made mistakes, which it has to recognize to accept this penance.

Because I expect more delays from the college, I will spend time on non-financial things, like reforms in policies, disciplinary action for policy breaches, and other things like that.  I very much want to hear other people’s thoughts and ideas on what reforms are possible and needed.  Any suggestions?

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