A New Year – and the Harassment Began All Over Again

The students came back today — Move In day for freshmen.   The harassers came back today too.

The worst harasser wore a sleeveless shirt with an American flag print on it.  He was unusual because he was on foot.  Last spring, all harassers were in cars.  All of them.   But this guy was different, because he left a group that was boarding a private coach and walked toward me.  He told me to leave and he kept telling me to leave.  He handled one of my signs, talking all the time, and I told him to read the Constitution.  He told me again to leave.   I said again that he should read the Constitution.   I decided to use my cell and call the head of public safety, and right when I started using my phone, the jerk left.

So, first day of the new school year at the College of the Holy Cross, and there’s harassment.  It’s the first time the harasser wasn’t in a car.   I blame it all on Fr. Boroughs and the board of trustees.  It does not have to take 17 months to have “settlement talks”.

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