Fr. Boroughs Knowingly Violates Holy Cross Policies

In June 2013, Holy Cross Public Safety Director Robert Hart URGED me to write to the college lawyer, Vincent O’Rourke.   Hart admitted that he wrote the letter banning me from campus because of my protest because he was “instructed” to write the letter banning me.   (Holy Cross did not only ban my protest;  they banned ME from campus for everything, 24/7, even the funeral for Fr. Brooks.)   The head of public safety said the college lawyer was the person to see to fix this.   The college lawyer, Vincent O’Rourke, never responded to the letter I wrote.

Other alums and students engage in protests at Holy Cross.  One annual protest is about war and the presence of ROTC on campus.   The protest is held at the Dinand library at Holy Cross every year because the statue of Isaiah near the building quotes a saying that opposes war.   Alums, students and friends hold the protest every year on the “Triumph of the Holy Cross”, a day in the Catholic church year.   Two years ago, the alums who hold this protest were hassled by the Dept. of Public Safety and told to leave.   They stayed and finished.  Later, the leader wrote to Fr. Boroughs for clarity, asking why there was a problem now when there had never been a problem before.  Fr. Boroughs personally wrote back and said they are welcome to protest.

I stay with this alum and his family most of the time when I am in Worcester for the Vigil for Justice.  (It’s a small world!!)  Sometimes I join them when they protest other things.   They are my friends.

This year I will be staying with this alum’s family during the protest welcomed by the College and when I am doing my protest banned from the College — which violates the college’s own written policies about peaceful protests.   Fr. Boroughs has never addressed the violations of Holy Cross policies.

I wrote to Fr. Boroughs today asking him to address it.   Some day writing to Fr. Boroughs has to make a difference, right?

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One Response to Fr. Boroughs Knowingly Violates Holy Cross Policies

  1. Jess says:

    Keep on — stand for what’s right! There is madness in the church that will always try to crush you.

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