The Penance for the Board of Trustees of The College of the Holy Cross

I recently offered the Board a revision in the penance I want it to perform to take responsibility for its bad behavior.   I cut it back solely to encourage resolution, and I will restore the cuts if there is no resolution soon.   Here is a public letter to the Board, since all private communication was ignored.  I will edit this later and add the names of the members of the Board.

Dear Board of Trustees of The College of the Holy Cross:

You’ve been negligent.  You failed to exercise your oversight role.  You ignored complaints about serious problems.   The problems you were told about and ignored have continued.   It’s your fault.

That is why penance is going to be the major piece of any resolution of this situation no matter how long it takes to achieve.  Yes, I have been irreparably harmed by thousands of confidentiality breaches, lies and cover up of the breaches; many acts of retaliation; and violation of many college policies including the protest policy.   Yes, it has changed my life.   Yes, you are responsible.

So why am I focusing on penance that benefits other people, and not on what you can do to help me?

There are many reasons, so I will explain a “good reason” and a reason based in considerable bad experience with this college.

The good:   This is my understanding of penance — helping other people.    The appropriate penance for a group of leaders such as you is substantial support for people who do not have the status and power that I’ve witnessed you abuse.   It makes sense that your penance helps people who need the help and don’t often have favored status.   I have already and will continue to share details about all of this.   Basically, it requires your support of non-profits and other groups that work with less privileged people.

The other reason — among many — is based in what I know about the College:   I get to deal with the very ugly side of Holy Cross, simply because I speak up about how poorly I was treated.   When someone is treated badly and complains, you make it worse.   You pile it on, and on and on.  All policies of the College prohibit retaliation against victims of sexual assault — but you pile on the retaliation, violating college policies.   I was promised strict confidentiality — but you piled on the privacy breaches and lies about it.    There are policies about protests — and you violated them, and you ignored me when I complained.

But what will the College think is a just solution to this horrendous treatment of me?   You will ignore the realities of income loss and you will ignore the medical advice.   You will want to divorce from reality and come up with some cheap solution that ignores the truth of the harm you caused.   You will fight about it.   I know you will do this because I saw you do it before.

So I’d rather do the Vigil for Justice for as long as it takes for you to accept the penance that is justified — and not have any conversation with you about income loss or medical advice until after you accept responsibility for your behavior.   The penance comes first.

There is a lot more to say to you, but it will wait.  You don’t seem in any hurry to take responsibility for your bad behavior, so I will have plenty of time to say more to you.

An alum

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