The Protest Policy Holy Cross is Violating

Since March 2012, Holy Cross has violated the college’s peaceful protest policy by banning me from campus and banning the protest from campus right after I began the Vigil for Justice.   I was banned by order of the president, who doesn’t seem to know or care about the policies of the college.

This is the text of the policy (with its typos):

Generally, demonstrations of this kind should not be interrupted.  Demonstrators would not be obstructed or provoked and efforts would be made to conduct College business as normally as possible.

If demonstrators are asked to leave but refuse to leave by regular facility closing time:
1. Arrangements will be made by the Director of Public Safety to monitor the situation during non-business hours, or
2. Determination will be made to treat the violation of regular closing hours as a disruptive demonstration (see section B).”

The protest policy of the college can be found in the college’s Emergency Response Manual.   You can download the manual by going to   At the bottom of the page there is a link to the download.

The director of public safety, Robert Hart, told me he was instructed to write the March 2012 letter banning me from campus and banning the protest from campus.  Public safety officers said it came from the president.   Hart told me in June 2013 to see the college lawyer, Vincent O’Rourke, to address it.   I wrote three months ago and never heard back from O’Rourke.

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One Response to The Protest Policy Holy Cross is Violating

  1. Elizabeth Sarfaty says:

    Silence is a way some seem to think will “punish” (as though anyone has the RIGHT to ‘punish’ anyone!!) so I’d have to guess they use this strange method of “silence” to avoid your presence
    in any way possible – asking the Security to do things – not put in writing that could be traced back to this obviously woefully inadequate President ! Wonder how many Board members really understand the nature of the treatment you are being subjected to, Kate! These are some mighty
    arrogant men folk!! They don’t seem to get it that Jesus said we are ALL children of God, we are
    all brothers and sisters! In the name of Peace, Love and justice! Elizabeth p.s. Thanks for your
    consistent persistence!! God is there with you, rest assured!

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