You Have to be Favored by the President if You Want Holy Cross to Follow its Own Protest Policies

There was no interference, provocation or interruption by Holy Cross’ Department of Public Safety of the protest held on campus today.   No contact at all, though they drove by a few times down the hill.  The protest was against the military ROTC program on campus.  It’s held every September 14.  This was the 20th year for the protest.

Philip Boroughs had personal contact with the protest leaders after the college interfered with the protest two years ago.

The text of the Holy Cross protest policy does NOT say protests are only allowed if the president of the college personally approves of each protest.    The protest policy SAYS peaceful protests are not to be interfered with.

But the college president Philip Boroughs and his office personally interfered with my protest, immediately issuing a letter banning ME from campus all the time.    It was a FLAGRANT violation of the college’s own policies.

I am working with many people to address this obvious discriminatory and retaliatory behavior of the president’s office.   Even the head of Public Safety, Robert Hart, said the letter banning me from campus was a violation of the college peaceful protest policy.   He told me to write to the college lawyer to fix it, but the college lawyer never responded.

So, I will be challenging this injustice and making sure the college follows its policies.   A lot of people resonate with this issue when we talk on the sidewalk, so it should be an interesting few weeks.

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