The Retaliation Problem at the College of the Holy Cross

I have now heard from what seems like every segment of the Holy Cross community that retaliation by the administration of the college is a serious and well known problem.   The college administration is always retaliating, I’ve been told.   The situations sound strikingly familiar.   I begin by telling my story, many of the ways I’ve experienced retaliation.   Then nearly every person from Holy Cross that I have spoken to has told me other examples they know about.

So maybe God put me on this path for more reasons than I dared to see at the beginning.  Maybe it is time to make sure the College of the Holy Cross changes.  My little Vigil for Justice began because the past president violated my privacy and never took responsibility, ignoring all my communications.   But after I began the little Vigil, I soon learned that the college comes down hard on people who speak up about problems.    That became a reason to continue the Vigil for as long as it takes.    I then learned that the current president,  Philip Boroughs, breaches confidentiality very recklessly and permits his staff to lie about it.    And then the college made false accusations that I had trespassed, and then threatened me.

So, now there are even more reasons to stay with this Vigil for Justice for as long as it takes.   How can the college threaten me with bogus assertions that I trespassed, when the college has never done anything to arrest the Jesuit who sexually assaulted me?   It seems this Vigil is slowly but surely going in the direction it must go, highlighting the constant retaliation and the failure of the college to turn in the Jesuit perpetrator.   I’ll write more about this soon.  It is still sinking in.

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2 Responses to The Retaliation Problem at the College of the Holy Cross

  1. Elizabeth Sarfaty says:

    Bravo! BRAVO!!!!! and BRAVO, dear stalwart soul!! THANK YOU FOR YOUR STEADFAST
    HEART and sturdy WILL!! Also your physical stamina out there on that busy, breezy hill.
    I am grateful for the many who have chosen NOT to go the way of “silence” – and instead dare
    to dialog (precious communication) with you as the noble person you are!! Yes, it is Jesus who
    appears – through you to others and for you from others! ALLELUIA!!!
    Love/JUSTICE, Elizabeth

  2. Elizabeth, the college president’s bad behavior continues. His office violated my civil rights, giving illegal orders to the chief of campus public safety, ordering him to have me take down my signs. I asked the chief — who passed this on through an officer — to come and explain it himself, and I was told he would come soon. He never came. I contacted a lawyer in Worcester and confirmed my civl rights were violated. A professor and his students connected the dots and said it was so the college could prevent coverage of the protest. It was shocking behavior. I am making plans on how to address it.

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