Another Example of Holy Cross Retaliation

The fact that the administration of Holy Cross is prone to retaliate against people who complain is a well known problem at the college.   Another example of this problem came to light recently.

A former member of the Holy Cross women’s basketball team filed a lawsuit alleging verbal, emotional and physical abuse by the coach of the team.

The victim reported the abuse to the Athletic Director and then experienced retaliation for going over the coach’s head, she said.   According to her attorney, she was told to “stop complaining”.   The lawsuit alleges the college administration was told about the abuse, but took no steps to address it.   The only thing left to do was file a lawsuit.

CNN has a good story about this young woman’s experience of abuse and how poorly the college has handled it.  The AP also covered the story, with more details.   Google “Ashley Cooper”.

It’s the latest incident in a long series of cover up and acts of retaliation by the college whenever people complain about serious problems.  Brave people like Ms. Cooper will help bring long overdue change to the college’s knee jerk retaliation culture.

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