The Confidentiality Promised to Me by the College President

This is the confidentiality promised to me by the president of the College of the Holy Cross:   All of my communications to him were completely private between myself and him, and all of his communications to me in response were completely private between myself and him.   No one else would ever have access.

The college lawyer confirmed this, and repeated it so there would be no doubt.  All of this was clear.

Then the college lawyer and the college president explained that if I wanted to work this out with the college, other people — like the Board of Trustees — would need information, so I would have to communicate separately to other people what I wanted them to know.  This is because they had no access to my communications to and from the college president.   I had to communicate to them what they needed to know.  That’s what I did.

This is the confidentiality I was promised, and everyone knew it.

Philip Boroughs, the new president of Holy Cross, has been very reckless with my privacy since the day he arrived as president.   He also never told me he was violating my privacy.   I learned it nine months later, when someone else at the college told me he had received all of my communications that were addressed to Boroughs.

My Vigil for Justice will continue until Fr. Boroughs apologizes for his conduct and makes reparation.   He will also have to address the many acts of retaliation he committed against me after I began the vigil.  I will stay at Holy Cross for as long as it takes the college to right these wrongs.   Frankly, it’s a better life standing up for justice and accountability.   I cannot not do it.

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