More Astonishing Civil Rights Violations at Holy Cross

Only 24 hours have passed and there were many more violations of my civil rights by students at Holy Cross.

At 12:45 p.m., I discovered that all of my signs near gate 7 of the college — the main gate to the upper campus — were pulled down.   Two signs were laying on the ground  and one was dangling from a telephone pole.   I re-hung the damaged signs and called Robert Hart at the Holy Cross Dept. of Public Safety.

At 1:25 p.m., I went back to check on things and saw that a sign had been spray painted white.   This is the sign that students have attacked five times in six days, twice today.   Here’s a picture after they painted it:


This is the same sign I photographed yesterday after it had been attacked  yesterday too.  When public safety finally responded today — after many delays and a conversation with the chief — I was told to report it to the Worcester Police Department so criminal charges can be filed.

Tomorrow I will have a new sign saying the same thing, and put the painted sign right back where it was, so people can see what the spoiled immature brats at Holy Cross did when they violated my civil rights.

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