Being Successful

Before 8 a.m. today I had already lost track of honking cars — there were so many.   People waved and some stopped to talk.   Then I noticed a trim older man walk out of a college gate up the hill and walk toward me.   As he went by me, I called out hello and he said nothing.   I said it’s much colder today — and he said nothing.   Then as he went past he said, “What would you say if I told you everyone thinks you are crazy?” — and he didn’t crack a smile.   I laughed and said, “I’d say you are all crazy” for ignoring sex crimes.

Then it dawned on me:   Everyone who stands up in the face of injustice is called crazy.   Women who wanted the right to vote:   CRAZY people.  People who wanted to end segregation:  CRAZY people.   All around the world, if you stand up and seek change, you are called crazy.

Then it hit me:  this is what success looks like.   I am making progress and people are joining in.  The Vigil has engaged people.  And obviously, if I am being called crazy,  I am on the right track.


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