Two Unhinged Staff People at Holy Cross

On Friday, I spent more than an hour at the gate 7 entrance to the College of the Holy Cross.   The Vigil for Justice began at gate 2, the main entrance.  I first had signs at gate 2 in March 2012.   I did not have any sort of constant presence at gate 7 — up the hill — until recently.   Gate 7 is where all the egregious civil rights violations have happened.  My signs have been torn down, shoved into a trash can on campus, spray painted, ripped, etc.

On Friday I wanted to spend at least an hour in the middle of the day at gate 7 and see what I encountered.  That’s the time of day when my signs are targeted by criminals.

Here’s what I found.   85% of people driving into gate 7 were OVERTLY positive and supportive – waving, power fists, thumbs up, etc.  This is a much higher percentage than gate 2, where I encounter the administrative staff of the college.  100% of students walking by spoke to me — a much higher percentage than gate 2 — and all were polite.

The bad news is there are (at least) two unhinged staff people who enter at gate 7.  One spit at the ground in front of me when he walked by.  I took pictures that will help identify these two staff people later if they are involved in the civil rights violations — targeting my signs.  Just because they are obviously crazy does not mean they are the ones violating my civil rights.

We’ll see what happens this coming week.   My signs have been targeted six times in the seven days they were at gate 7 after noon.

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