The Penn State Culture at Holy Cross

The College of the Holy Cross has a Penn State mentality:  cover up and obscure the details of crime, ignore or attack victims, and let the same bad actions of perpetrators continue while protecting the college image at all costs.

This Penn State mentality is what Holy Cross was using when it immediately retaliated against me for using my voice to tell about problems.   All the acts of retaliation by Holy Cross are BANNED by Holy Cross written policies, but Holy Cross did this to try to intimidate and shut me up.    It has not and will not work.

I know about another approach to problems on a college campus.   The Jesuit who sexually assaulted me was once the president of another Jesuit university.   He was fired from that job as president after the university’s  football team beat him up after he sexually assaulted a young woman.  To repeat:  he was fired from his job after the football team beat him up, for sexually assaulting a young woman.   (I was sexually assaulted less than 5 years later by this Jesuit, because another Jesuit university hired him…..)

Holy Cross could choose a different way than Penn State — it could put victims first.  Holy Cross could easily choose not to retaliate, but it hasn’t.   Holy Cross could make efforts toward reconciliation, but it hasn’t.  Holy Cross could try to make things better, but it hasn’t.   Holy Cross is squarely in the Penn State mentality, focusing on silencing victims and protecting its image.

Since I know Holy Cross can do much better but refuses, I will have a lifetime of work exposing the problems.

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