“You’ve Become an Icon”

A professor at the College of the Holy Cross stopped to talk to me early this morning at the Vigil for Justice and then told me, “You’ve become an icon.”

People are recognizing me in other places  in Massachusetts and even two hours from Holy Cross in another state,  and there is loads of ongoing support on the sidewalk.  An icon?   A shy public school kid?

Rev. Joseph LaBran, SJ, provided words for these times during the Spiritual Exercises at a retreat house in Narragansett, Rhode Island.  Like these words on a card he gave us on retreat when I was a sophomore at Holy Cross (that I saved for a long time):

“For all that has been — Thanks.

“For all that is to come — Yes.”

– Dag Hammerskjold

I don’t know what is next on this road, but I am keenly aware of the path.  All I knew when this Vigil for Justice was planned two years ago is I could not stay silent when the college ignored serious problems for years.  Just had to speak up and take a stand for justice when nobody cared about fixing problems.   People are surprising me every day with the light they give.   I’m not yet grateful for the past, but for all that is to come — okay.  It’s an adventure.

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